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Hashing Out the Law, with Arash Hashemi

In the world of law, some names are instantly recognizable. Some are local legends, some are nationally known, and there are the few that are so well known people refer to them by one name: Cochran, Shapiro, Mesereau, etc. Each have their own story to tell and Tom Mesereau shared some of his stories on Arash Hashemi's popular podcast, Hashing Out the Law.

 The start of the new year saw the start of a new season for Hashing Out the Law. The podcast is the brainchild of Los Angeles attorney Arash Hashemi. In the most recent episode he interviews criminal defense attorney Thomas Mesereau, best known for successfully defending Michael Jackson. 

" ... More lawyers should donate their time because they'll find that they enjoy their profession much more when they are giving back as opposed to just making a living ... "

Mesereau talks about his start in the legal field and a career path thought about but never taken. He explains how he transitioned from trying civil cases to criminal cases, and his strong passion about pro bono work. Which is why he started the Mesereau Free Legal Clinic in South Los Angeles so everyone can have access to quality legal assistance.

Mesereau speaks about new Los Angeles County District Attorney Geroge Gascon and that he just started his tenure as District Attorney, but should be commended for approaching his job with "ingenuity, creativity and a desire for positive change."

When asked why Mesereau did not want cameras in the courtroom during the Michael Jackson trial, he explains how the media can be very helpful in some cases and a distraction in other cases. He goes on to describe what everyday life was like for him during the Michael Jackson trial.

Mesereau also speaks about his involvement in Capital Murder Cases in the Deep South and finishes the interview with comments about the ongoing Danny Masterson case. Which will be going to trial in the near future.

Watch the entire episode of Hashing Out the Law featuring Thomas Mesereau

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Hashing Out the Law, with Arash Hashemi, debuted in August of 2018. Each episode features a different guest and topic revolving or related to the law. Now in its 3rd Season, Hashing Out the Law is available on various platforms such as YouTubeApple PodcastsSpotifyAmazon MusicPandoraiHeart RadioAnchor, etc.

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