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LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, September 3, 2017 / -- Arash Hashemi is an attorney in Los Angeles, and he works with people accused of domestic violence. He specializes in defending people accused of domestic violence. Most of the time, a man is accused of the violence, but some can also be charged.

"This is very serious. A domestic violence conviction can follow a person the rest of their life. It can affect what kind of job they can get and where they may be able to live," he said. "A charge is only that. Everyone is innocent until proven guilty. That is why people charged with this offense need an attorney to defend them."

Physical abuse is not always necessary in domestic violence cases. Accusations of emotional and mental abuse can lead to charges.

"The basis of the charge is less important than the charge. If you are accused, you need someone who has experience defending people against this," Mr. Hashemi said. "A solid defense is a must to preserve your rights and your good name."

Domestic violence charges also lead to divorce in many cases. A conviction on such charges can make a divorce very complicated.

"If the relationship has children, it will be a factor in a custody case," Mr. Hashemi said.” If you have children, you must fight that accusation.

Mr. Hashemi said accusations can be made by anyone. Disproving false accusations is what the court system is for, he said.

“Being accused and charges is damaging enough to a person's reputation. If you are charged with domestic violence, you need to mount the most aggressive defense possible to clear your name,” said Hashemi.

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